3 thoughts on “Kirsty Lothian at Pilot

  1. This was a great idea you could do so much more with. I lost interest during the mimed singing which could be much more dramatic and humorous. The best bit potentially was the chase chapter. Good luck with it.

  2. I really enjoyed the music and appreciated your presence on stage during the opening mime. I enjoyed the fusing of the opera and the radio in this bit too. I would love to see you work with singers and expand this idea of merging opera and experimental performance.

  3. really like some of the ideas in this piece – the miming for instance but felt it could be more convincing as it felt a little inhibited, like the comment above says has a lot of potential to be humourous. Really liked the cut out of the whale, simple but lovely. The chair sequence became a little predictable after the first few, once the idea was presented think that was enough to understand what was trying to be said. Some lovely ideas and potential for this piece, would like to see more

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