4 thoughts on “Stoke Newington International Airport at Pilot

  1. Loved the Doris Day section – both the idea and the execution of it – it had me gripped.

  2. Captured our attention at first but struggled to hear some of the recordings and we would be interested to see where this piece goes as towards the end we were beginning to lose interest in the singing. The batteries are dead…brilliant! Didn’t feel there was any real substance to hold onto and take away but all in all a very enjoyable experience!

  3. These very early work in progress showings are always challenging as they could go off in so many ways and it doesn’t feel like the audience’s place to have an opinion in this. This said….. gags based on the strange rules of opera are easy and amusing and here competently done.

    For me the most interesting element of the presentation, and what potentially buys the right to do those predictable opera gags, is the ‘singing in real life’ project. It was difficult to work out the details of this and so at the moment I’m not currently convinced that this great idea is best delivered as part of a theatrical presentation. Might it not be a better TV documentary?

  4. I enjoyed your singing, singing whilst jogging (great idea) and different styles of music. You knew more about the performance than we did, so the spoken word bits didn’t work as well for the audience because we couldn’t hear them very well. You will have heard the speech lots of times but we only had one chance. I can see potential for a musical if you can expand upon the musical ideas and find a good story line.

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