4 thoughts on “Needle and Thread at Pilot

  1. I like the idea and the range of stories. It needs a structure to hang them onto

  2. Great selection of stories, loved Mrs Pea Head who is a character a kin to someone we all may have encountered in our lives at some point. Plus it really made us laugh! We like the idea that potentially these stories could be very personal but again relate on a whole. If you could find someway of linking these characters/stories/experiences together we think this could be a lovely piece. Good Luck, look forward to seeing some more

  3. Lovely to see this starting to develop having seen people contributing in at Bitesize – it gave a greater weight to the stories knowing how they came about. I was most drawn to the more traditional stories. Would love the books and paper to be all around me. Wished I could have sat on the rocking chair – it looked inviting…

  4. Each short and sweet individual story was neatly done, and the setting would allow for more exploration of what links the stories, and the idea of storytelling itself. Is this the intention?

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