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I See With My Eyes Closed seemed to work well on Monday. It sold out and there was a good buzz about it. Charlotte Higgins has given it very brief write-up in The Guardian, in which she is both positive and re-names the show I See With My Eyes Open.

There has been little time to relax since then. Post-show I was only half way down my celebratory pint when Craig pointed out there were just two hours before we were due on a coach to Gatwick.

We are in Cologne now with The Cleansing Of Constance Brown he set is up, props set, Jack and Chris (whose stage name is Jack) have mostly been rehearsed into their parts. All is set fair except the weather – it’s pouring with rain.

3 thoughts on “and next…

  1. As literal titles go, I See With My Eyes Open possibly ranks alongside I Speak By Vibrating My Vocal Chords, and the classic My Liver Produces The Enzyme Bile To Digest Fatty Foods.

  2. Odd that she makes no comment on the composition, but bills it as Wolters work and not Stan’s? Or is that just me.

  3. Yes, I suppose she was working with a very limited word count. I’ve no problem with Michael getting primary billing there as:

    1: The review is in a music context.
    2: Although the original idea was ours he put LOADS more work into it than we did!

    We’re his new biggest fans.

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