I See With My Eyes Closed #1


It was all about time in The Randle Studio at MAC today. With 12 musicians and a conductor in the room rehearsals were always going to start and end on time. If the players were not grappling with time signatures such as 10/16 or 19/16 or 15/16 then they were were watching the conductor conducting from a stopwatch. In a corner Craig, Amanda and I were huddled checking how our proposed theatrical material would mesh with what we were hearing. Generally I don’t think we were distracting, until I collapsed in uncontrollable hysterics.

Monday should be an amusing evening, I’m rather hoping the performance will prove to be a minor ‘scandal’. Although I suspect Classical Music’s ability to be scandalised is a symptom of an inherent conservatism, I do admire this trait, somehow it indicates that people really care about the form. I don’t think theatre ever has scandals in the same way there is uproar about content (nakedness / blasphemy Etc.) but not formal outrages. Maybe I’m wrong. I’d like someone to do a PhD on this and report back.

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