Pass Cards

12-05-10_1139Of all the things that are better about mac since its rebuild the one I have been enjoying most since we have been here setting up for Tuning Out With Radio Z is the pass cards. No more trudging around for hours looking for duty managers or technicians to come and let you into the theatre. No nagging anxiety that some crucial door will be left unlocked and all your stuff nicked. No complicated negotiations about which member of the company will hold the dressing room key and take it home with them by mistake that night.

The only upgrade from here would be elasticated lanyards guarding against card-swiper’s back.

2 thoughts on “Pass Cards

  1. One of the most thought provoking shows I have seen, very different in its presentation, but gripping, sets your mind dancing, thinking of lost things, lost ones, lost moments, I love that we can come & go, have as coffee & join the show as if you just popped down stairs at home,
    Brilliant work by Amanda & Craig – Thank you

  2. Thank you for this Jon and thank you for coming. It was great to get your feedback as it is a show in which it is very difficult to gauge audience reactions.

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