2 thoughts on “Tuning Out With Radio Z Opens

  1. I would absolutely concur with that statement.
    I would add that I love the show. It pushes all my buttons. It rewards patience. It invites you to see process, performance, images in the making. What you hear (online) is only a fraction of the work and it is a good tantalising appetiser especially if you log on the show webpage and see all the contributions from the public and hear if and how they are being used. But the pudding is the performance. The fact that what I saw (those beautiful moments of inventions, gradually building a narrative from its start point ‘there is report of a body lying on the street’ to autopsy description via many point of views, angles, detours and protagonists..) will never been seen again made me sit on my chair for most of the duration and I had to rush back just in case I had missed something… It is a show with a flow of lows (more quiet than low) and highs (it is a 4 hour improvised work) and there was a sense for me that we the audience are part of that flow, not only by contributing with sending texts (it would be great to see more how the contributions are being processed – it is another layer but quite a fascinating one) but by going along with the performers on their search to create to make here and now. Witnessing that process has totally hooked me.
    Buttons triggered: Be patient – curiosity – imagination – collaboration – memory- send message

  2. Thank you Chris. These kind thoughts are very helpful to us in thinking about how to talk about the show to others.

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