Beijing 2


Various degrees of sleep were achieved from “A Lot, good thank you.” to “None, well half an hour tops”.

We spent our first full day here:
1: Tramping to, from and around The Forbidden City. It is evocative, otherworldly and utterly vast. One of the most amazing places I have been fortunate enough to visit.
2: Gathering items of our new set together in the theatre. Danny here has done an amazing job. The bikes feel like they will take some getting used to.
3: Sitting in a car going to and from the theatre. Bikes are certainly the answer if you are brave enough (no helmets, no lights, no great clarity on road traffic regulations).
4: Walking through the bright lights of Wangfujing Dajie.
5: Eating another massive, delicious and very cheap meal.

Returning to the hotel I spotted a small shop selling old school Wrigleys Chewing Gum. The packets with strips in them are getting increasingly difficult to find at home and we use one packet per performance in Constance Brown so I stepped in and cleaned them out of Doublemint and Spearmint. I left the Juicy Fruit as on both flavour and aesthetic terms I don’t hold with it.


2 thoughts on “Beijing 2

  1. I never knew that of you, James. Juicy Fruits, of course, were always my preferred choice. Great to hear from you over there. All the best with the re-cycling, not to mention the emerging ‘North Korea problem’.

  2. Juicy Fruit! Maintaining your reputation for being left-field Mr. Rose. I was disappointed to discover it was one of the two original flavours (probably should be ‘flavors’). Normally such authenticity would win me over but no, gum should be minty. In truth this puritanism is misplaced as I don’t much care for gum in any form.

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