Beijing 4


Bernadette, Craig and I made our appointment at AM774, we were on air talking about the show, Stan’s Cafe and British Theatre for an hour, book-ended by Coldplay. It was good fun. I really hope they still had some listeners by the time we’d finished.

Fortunately we escaped without reprisals from the People’s Liberation Army who were in conspicuous attendance at various key points around the building standing on their small boxes. When outside they all appear to be wearing coats many sizes too large for them, but presumably as it gets colder they add more and more layers on underneath until, come late January, everything fits snugly.

From the radio station we walked to Tian’anmen Square where we were able to confirm conspiracy theorist claims that Birmingham’s Forward Statue was not burned down by ‘louts’ but nicked by the Chinese; though, given they seem to have two, maybe we nicked one of theirs originally and they were merely nicking it back to reunite the pair.

Finally, a highlight of the day, Bernadette’s skirt got eaten by a bike during rehearsals.

PS: The show was much better tonight – tomorrow I expect it to be top rankin’.