Bern Report


After about 100 people present at the opening of Of All The People In All The World on Saturday 15th, we have had a less numerous but steady flow of visitors, increasing daily as the temperature decreases.

The team of the Reitshule have been very aware of the climatic conditions and have given us all that they can to help reduce the effects of the low temperatures on our bodies and brains: a trailer kiosk, nicknamed the Hotdog stand, that replaces the long and high table normally used in the show. It cocoons us. It has a heater and curtains to keep the heat in.

And we are all becoming experts at dealing with those temperatures, each of us performers wearing a minimum of 3 layers, and bringing special personal warmth equipment: See photos.

3 thoughts on “Bern Report

  1. I’m wondering how the brush is working out as personal heating equipment. Hope it’s going well out there. See you soon.

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