Plum in the Eye

The Stan’s Cafe accident book exists, it’s covering dust somewhere. In fact it has probably not been unpacked since we moved our office down to @ A E Harris. Yesterday we briefly thought about cracking it open.

We were working on a revised version of The Cardinal’s Garden of Eden scene. The Serpent hand puppet, beautifully made by Miguel, has inflexible jaws and is unable to hold anything but a dwarf apple. We’re not worried, a carefully positioned nail will allow a conventional apple to balance on his tongue which will look better anyway. Unfortunately the nail isn’t yet in place and we are forced to use a body double until it is. In the morning Craig was playing Eve, gazing up at the mesmerizing serpent when the plum fell from between its jaws and bounced directly off Craig’s eyeball. A classic Accident Book entry was beckoning and secretly I was hoping we could persuade him to go to A&E in order to generate an “injured by soft fruit” entry in the ROSPA annual statistics so beloved by performers of Of All The People In All The World. Un/fortunately after some considerable blinking he was fine.

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