Dear Departed


On 5th April we decided the theme of last night’s Tuning Out With Radio Z would be Earth. On 6th April Walter Suett died. Walter was my mother-in-law’s partner and also a major source for Home of the Wriggler. His funeral was set for 14th April, so we had to become ingenious. Liam d’Authreau agreed to step in to do the video job I normally do. Peter Fletcher did the SMS-News Room translation from his house, whilst I listened on-line from my house doing The Producer role with Liam keeping me aware of what was going on ‘off mic’.

I’d stayed up late the previous night up writing Walter’s eulogy – which felt odd having already written about his life through the show. Listening to the show was quite intense, inevitably burial came into play and scenes flashed back from the graveyard just hours before. I thought an edited list of death notices may be useful for Craig & Bernadette on stage so it visited Birmingham Evening Mail’s website for source material and pretty much freaked out on discovering that Constance Brown had died.

The Cleansing of Constance Brown isn’t named after anyone, I made the name up, but because the title character is an ‘everywoman’ figure I feel that the show could easily be named after anyone and everyone who has ever been called Constance Brown. At the very least I feel an extra pang of empathy for anyone with that name.

In the words of Zog Rainbow (who appeared in that night’s performance) everything had started to get “really heavy”.

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