Last Day in Mainz


Today was our last day performing Of All The People In All The World at theNo Strings Attached Festival in Mainz. We came to the same festival 18 months ago with The Cleansing Of Constance Brown and had a great time and were treated very kindly. It has been the same this time. The show used 82 million grains of rice, the population of Germany, and by today nearly all the rice was out in piles varying from 1 grain for Johannes Gutenberg (a Mainz citizen and inventor of the printing press) to 16 million for the population of the GDR. Interesting finds for this show included Germans who settled in Brazil and the number of women who worked in the oil industry in Azerbaijan during the Second World War (prompted I’m afraid by the Eurovision Song Contest victory).

Thanks to Nike, Tom and all our helpers for having us back and making the show a success.

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