OAPT Buenos Aires: Get In

The venue here is beautiful, an old ice rink that is now a gallery. The teaming up of a charity and Rice Producer as promoter and sponsor has meant an impressive publicity machine has clicked into gear, so even though this was a get-in day there were already media folk swarming around. With the addition of various people from both host organisations who came and went, this preparation ended up feeling more like a performance than the actual performance does.

Nevertheless it was great to learn that there is such interest in the show and everyone was very friendly, helpful and enthusiastic so everything bodes well. We did a ten hour day and left with enough rice put out to get us through tomorrow morning’s press call. The evening was rounded off in a bar watching Argentina and Colombia playing out an incident packed 0 – 0 draw.

As an aside – whilst we were doing our rice thing, it felt slightly odd to see two guys doing a vinyl thing, that was very close to what was our thing at The Public two days ago!

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