OATP Opening Buenos Aires

Yesterday was full of incident. The show had its first live TV slot which meant Jake and Jack hanging around set to go building a large pile of rice until the TV crew arrived. Then there was the best attended press launch we’ve had with a mixture of critics from the major national papers, fine art critics and food writers. Then, after stepping out for some fresh air, came the Opening was probably the biggest since Hamburg in 2008.

I limbered up for this with a long, animated and fascinating conversation with an artist with whom I had struck up an email exchange with after she expressed her concerns in advance about how the show was going to represent her country. I finished off the opening with a long, less animated and less fascinating conversation with another artist who – through translation – seemed to say she was bored with looking at rice and wanted us to do something more engaging to the senses. I explained that she needed to go and see a different show in that case, but it took about 15 minutes to get to that point.

Playing to the large live crowd Jack and Jake created a pile of rice representing victims of Spanish Flu (always a winner at parties) amidst a growing throng. This moment was topped off when two very tall thin young women stepped forward, commandeered Jake and Jack’s scoops and pretended to pour rice onto the pile for a terrifying photographer who looked like she had recently jumped ship from the News of the World. We suspect these were two of many Argentine Celebrities we were assured were present. Who knows, the next Argentine edition of Hola will feature the show – an certainly not us.

Weirdly the name Stan’s Cafe hasn’t made it onto any of the posters or promotional material – the name of the show is everywhere along with that of their Facebook page Una Persona = Un Grano De Arroz. The show’s other big presence now features an interview with me and a rather disturbing ‘video portrait’ – click if you dare (and read Spanish).

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  1. For those who don’t read Spanish, I can offer the extremely helpful Google Chrome browser translation:

    Timelapse: This weapon works
    By Julian Gallo Friday July 8, 2011

    When you see photos of the exhibition “Of All People In All The World” in various parts of the world most people the same question how the arm? How to build piles of rice (some of which have been huge)?

    The timelapse above shows the process. In the first part of the team are putting together small piles with different shapes that relate to the statistics they want to represent. It then shows how to assemble a stack larger, rigorously weigh fractions to produce precise images. When the batteries are 40 or more kilograms of rice, Stan’s Cafe artists left inside without opening the bags, thus able to strengthen the structure. Then pour the remaining rice to supplement the statistical data and present them as a mountain. This procedure is necessary to build a stable model.

    The last part of the video belongs to the inauguration guests happened on July 7. It looks like people get while the batteries unabashed display statistics. The big stack is shown below which represents people in Latin America live on $ 2 per day.

    Like it?

    matias said:
    The schedule of shows is the Palais. Monday to Friday from 12 am to 20 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 20 pm. This Sunday is closed for elections. Today I was in the afternoon and is AWESOME. GALLO Congratulations to the Food Bank and

    Lucia said:
    I am very interested in going to see it, but do not set timetables. Thanks

    Hernan Gonzalez Warcalde:

    graciela says:
    I liked watching this video, I will visit the exhibition to be more connected to the global reality.

    Guido culasse Moore said:
    Congratulations on your venture!

  2. Congratulations to you, the show is fantastic. Also, congratulations for the organization , the place and for working togheter with Gallo and Banco de Alimentos!
    I hope to see you again next year!

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