OATP Buenos Aires: Open

After the opening the first job the next morning is always to sort out the carnage. I like the idea that Damien Hurst may look around a gallery after an opening and shrug saying “well you have to expect a percentage of the work to be trashed after an opening”. Fortunately it’s easy to repair. There was then the big conversation about accents on the labels. We’ve had inconsistency and need to sort it out. We have been told in very blunt terms that we do and that we don’t need accents on our Caps Lock labels. We go with don’t as that lobby is stronger and closer to home. Now I wish we had as the word for year in Spanish without an accent becomes too graphically medical. There are lots of visitors including our first school group, which Craig handles with aplomb.

As I fly home today (Sunday) I take the opportunity to do major sightseeing yesterday (Saturday).

2 thoughts on “OATP Buenos Aires: Open

  1. you are doing a great job in buenos Aires. Please keep in touch with Bco Alimentos and Gallo.
    Gallo is the most important rice brand in Argentina recognize for its quality and social responsability.
    We are living de America Soccer Cup. Could be interesting have some soccer statitics.
    Thank you.

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