Penultimate Day in B.A.

There’s a volcano that practically no one in Europe knows about but which is intermittently playing havoc with flights around South America. I reached the check in desk on Monday before I was told my flight had been cancelled. It was a blow not to be heading back to the family but blessed me with extra sightseeing time. On the way I spotted this election poster elegantly defaced. It is always good to have an election on during Of All The People In All The World, it gives the Current Affairs section some local grit.

Today is the penultimate day of Of All The People In All The World In Buenos Aires, I won’t bother posting any more images as you can find an exhaustive inventory of this performance via visitors to its Facebook Page. This page is worth both a look and a ‘like’ as each ‘like’ means the sponsors Gallo Arroz donate a portion of rice to the Banco de Alimentos. We’re up to about 2,500 portions now, which as the foodbank feed 78,000 people per day so it doesn’t sound too impressive until you factor in the 5,000kg they have already donated via the show. Get with the ‘liking’. Unfortunately it looks like more than ‘liking’ is going to be required inEast Africa as well.

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