Edinburgh Visit

Charlotte and I are off up to Edinburgh this time next week to try and meet up with some promoters and persuade them to book some Stan’s Cafe shows. It will be strange to be there without a show of our own, but we’re already in a fix as to what else to see as, even before looking in a single brochure there a masses of friends shows to see.

As Craig has previously Tweeted. Peter Fletcher from our board of directors is there as part of The Quotidian Review (some of which he performed at pilot a good while back). Associate Artist Jake Oldershaw as Untied Artists with Al Bowlly’s Croon Manifesto, co-founder of Stan Graeme Rose is there with Red Shift and their piece Invisible Show II, Created in Birmingham have info of additional shows from Birmingham which are going up and which we’d be keen to see.

Meanwhile, for those remaining in the West Midlands, especially those with children to entertain there is a new Needless Allies show to enjoy. On this occasion they are in Worcester’s Nunnery Woods.

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