Maze Skipped

So, in a clear out of our storage facility, we have finally disposed for the last remains of The Black Maze.

Craig had done a great job distinguishing between rubbish that needs to be chucked and near rubbish that needs to be kept. Everything was teetering in a big pile on the edge of the loading bay, waiting for the gentle nudge of an elbow which would deliver it all into a waiting skip, when we happened to be granted the most timid skip driver in Great Britain. He refused to contemplate the idea that his skip would go in the loading bay, and he refused to move aside when Craig and I tried to wrest the steering wheel from his grasp. So a considerable time and much sweat was wasted taking down Craig’s tower of rubbish, carrying it upstairs and recreating it within the skip. Then paper recycling to our bins and metal to A E Harris’s recycing skip.

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