A few of Gerv Havill’s favourite things

Ikon Gallery in Birmingham runs an occasional series called These are a few of my favourite things in which notable cultural figures in the City/Region share eight of their favourite art things with a live audience and talk a bit around their choices. Last night Gerv Havill was in the hot seat. He was there as co-founder of the fantastic Moseley Folk Festival – which opens this year on 2nd September – but it was his position as boss of Mission Print that lay behind the majority of his choices.

He opened with a photograph of Masshouse Circus (just up from Mission Print HQ) as it was being demolished, then came the outside of the Mission Print building, painted over two days by a team of Brazilian graffiti artists, a piece be a friend painted as a wedding present was in there, along with a piece his company had printed for Banksy, a very limited edition book he hand printed for an artist friend (I should really have been taking notes and got some names!). There was also a print of an engaging satirical version of Velásquez’s Las Meninas by Equipo Crónica

His final choice was the Moseley Folk Festival itself for which he showed a beautiful short Super 8 film made by the late Trish Keenan (see above). Buried in the middle of all this was Lurid and Insane by one Stan’s Cafe. My memory is blurred but I think it was Gerv’s enthusiasm for this show which meant that we eventually asked him if he fancied joining our board of directors, a position he has held ever since, adding to the great list of good works the man does for the arts. A worth Ikon Poster Boy.

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