Wedding Planning

Over the weekend Bernadette, Craig, Gareth, Graeme and I took to the highlands of Scotland for the wedding of Billy, our friend and Stage Manager. Gareth & Bernadette were asked to do some storytelling (it’s one of the things they do) and came up trumps, we were asked to prepare some wedding rice, which led to a suspicious looking activity in our static caravan.

It was a great day all round. Billy and Hanna were glowing with happiness, we had fun and learned how much more sense the playing of bagpipes makes here rather than on New Street in Birmingham.

Of course all the merriment was paid for with some punishing driving, but amongst the discussions that passed the time was “if you could only go to see three shows at Warwick Arts Centre this season, which would you choose” – it’s a great line up so the debate was extensive and no one could agree, except on the fact that Kneehigh probably shouldn’t be described as “everyone’s favourite theatre company”.

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