Crescent Knowledge

I’ve just been to a Theatre Network Meeting organised by The Public I was there to introduce I Like Theatre to the good folk there. It was heartwarming to meet these enthusiasts all gathered together. It was also fascinating to hear Barry Dudley from the Crescent Theatre speak about how their history and how they operate, it was inspiring. I’m certainly going to make them one of my destinations in the coming year and if I should foul it up and get the wrong time it turns out that may not be such a disaster as they run a coffee shop throughout the day.

6 thoughts on “Crescent Knowledge

  1. Does this mean that you might come and see my version of BEDROOM FARCE?! That will be next on for the Crescent co. in January. For something a little more interesting, perhaps, there’s GABRIEL in March (not directed by me).

  2. Bedroom Farce sounds good and January will mean kicking the Resolution off promptly. Good Plan!

  3. Stan’s Cafe’s restaged production of The Carrier Frequency at The Crescent Theatre in 1999 remains one of my theatre highlights so I’ll look forward to you coming back, James!

  4. Thank you Andrew. That remains one of my more stressful experiences in a theatre but not because of the venue or your help – which were both impeccable. I’ll look forward to being relaxed in the venue watching someone else’s show!

  5. James and Barry; many thanks again for speaking at our recent Theatre Networking Group meeting. The I Like Theatre initiative is a great idea and your tallk on ‘collaborative working’ Barry, was very interesting. I have received nothing but praise for both of you and during the networking discussion, it was encouraging to hear so many exciting ideas flying around one room – here’s to many more productive TNG meetings and valuable contributions from all involved with theatre in the West Midlands.

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