Go Down Fighting

“Right, it’s simple. This is a democracy, if things are happening that you don’t like then you need to tell those in power that you don’t like what’s happening; if you don’t tell them then how are they supposed to know that you don’t like what’s happening; why would they stop? If you kick up a fuss and these things keep happening then you have to decide whether you want to kick up more fuss, but if have made no fuss at all then, frankly, you haven’t earned the right to moan to anyone who isn’t in power. That’s what the march was about on Wednesday. That’s what Dorothy Wilson’s appeal in The Birmignham Post was about. When are you going to make some fuss James?”.

“Yes but I’ve got to find a piece of paper and an envelope and a stamp and find out who to write to and what their address is and…”

“No, you go to this page on the Birmingham City Council website, you click on the budget_views@birmingham.gov.uk link. You write this:

Dear Council,
I value the services provided communally for the City of Birmingham. I would rather live in a civilised City with decent libraries, well maintained parks, exciting arts / cultural events, swimming pools, an efficient transport system affordable by all and good schools than save a few – even many – pounds on my Council Tax.
If we let go of these shared resources our society will be further atomised and our quality of life diminished. Such things are always more difficult to build up than take apart. Please do not take our City apart. I for one am prepared to pay to live somewhere worth living.
Yours faithfully
James Yarker

and you press send.”

“OK, that’s easy – I’ve done it.”

“Good start”.

Last night an Officer from Birmingham City Council came to our board meeting.

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