Wake Before Death

Foursight Theatre have pulled off the Huckleburry Finn/Tom Sawyer trick of being present at their own funeral/wake. It was a grand occasion – dress code glamorous mourning (as you can see modeled in the photograph above). The Arena had been tranformed into a Foursight shrine, with photos and posters of old shows everywhere, a big screen showing old shows, live music and delicious food. I had to leave before the toasts and speeches Etc. but it was clearly developing into a huge reunion with a lovely atmosphere, despite the sad context.

Foursight were one of the companies to lose out wholesale when Arts Council England converted their Key Regional Organisation list into a National Portfolio Organisation list. Some companies dealt a similar blow have chosen to continue with reduced circumstances targeting different ways of working and targeting different monies. Foursight decided to call it a day. This is probably right. It’s a proud company with a distinguished history that has grown used to working at a particular scale and intensity, stepping this down would be very difficult and demoralising – better perhaps to go out with a blaze of glory.

A toast…

We’ll never know everyone that Foursight inspired, but here’s to hoping those people in turn inspire others and in so doing keep Foursight living on. To inspiration.

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