Craig and I took a long return train ride up to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on Wednesday to meet up with the good folk from The Juice festival – just chatting over possibilities don’t cha know.

They gave us a zoom around a few of the Newcastle/Gateshead sights/sites. It was genuinely impressive. We met in a great cafe where we ate great soup and sarnies.

Went to Dance City – where we happened upon some eye-watering limbering up exercises. Across the road to the Discovery Museum. Then a taxi ride took us to the amazing Seven Stories which a beautiful centre for children’s books set over seven stories of an old industrial building in the Ouseburn Vally.

We walked from there down to the tyne, over the Gateshead Millennium Bridge to Baltic and The Sage.

A second taxi ride took us to the Great North Museum, which is impressively laid out. Across the road at Northern Stage we discussed possibilities over a pot of tea before walking back down to the station.

Admittedly it was a very brief ‘greatest hits’ visit, but once again we left Newcastle thinking – what a great city. Hopefully we will return… with a show.

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