Road to Tehran

Last night, Calgary time, sixteen intrepid Canadian theater (sic) makers performed a twenty minute long piece to a small invited audience. The piece, which in my mind is called The Road To Tehran was the stringing together of a few ideas the group and I had worked on in the afternoons of the previous four days. It was fun to do and the team performed really well. Saying good bye to them all this lunch time was a bit of a wrench, devising theatre with folk, even in the most relaxed low stakes context is always a bit emotional. Now I can’t wait to get home and catch up with The Just Price of Flowers which opens in just a couple of days.

2 thoughts on “Road to Tehran

  1. Thanks for coming out to Calgary, James! Best of luck on your upcoming projects.

    P.S. Canadians also prefer “re” theatre. “Er” theater? What do you take us for – cavemen?


  2. Ho ho ho! I stand corrected. Certainly it was all very civilized, I had great fun making theatRE with you all.

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