Last night’s performance of The Just Price Of Flowers at Latitudewas widely acknowledged within the company as one of the weirder gigs we’ve been involved in. A stripped down version of the set was thrown up, five lighting states pulled together from the tent’s standard rig, everyone hurriedly fitted with radio mics and away we go.

Whilst some of the team are staying on, a few did it as a day trip from London or Birmingham. Valerie arrived at the festival coach park with over an hour to spare but by the time she and Harry had been passed from pillar to post and negotiated festival security she had to throw on her costume, sound check and start. At the end she waked off stage changed out of the costume and fled with others in a cab to London. She can only have been on site for two and a half hours.

The festival setting is an interesting test for a show. It’s in a big tent, the audience are a long way back and in an arc, others sit on the floor in ‘the stalls’. No one has paid directly to see the show so people wander in to chance it. There a loads of distractions, everything is very basic – if the show survives this it qualifies to be called ‘robust’.

It went down well, the show is robust.

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