Devoted & Disgruntled


Suddenly it became clear, the reason this room was familiar was because in 1993 Graeme, Amanda and I spent a very pleasant time here performing Canute The King. Now nearly twenty years later I was back for the Open Space conference Devoted and Disgruntled, attending a session entitled Longevity made sense. In truth, whilst it was lovely to meet fellow theatrics I wasn’t feeling disgruntled enough to deliver to my full potential – operating on two hours sleep didn’t help either.

It was interesting being part of a conversation which came round to asking if Stoke is now where Birmingham
was twenty years ago.

2 thoughts on “Devoted & Disgruntled

  1. Hi James,

    Wow… when I first saw the posting I thought to myself that my memory mustn’t have been very good – cos I saw Canute at the Oval, and this doesn’t look a bit like it. Of course… you toured that show all over the place. Nearly 20 years ago now – and Stan’s Cafe is still doing it!

    love from Aus…

  2. We’re hanging on in there! Great to hear from you Keith. It’s good to know you are still out there. There’s a rumour that we will be returning to Australia in early 2013, but to the west coast this time.

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