Voyage to South Bank


Sunday was a fun day. The musicians reconvened at The Hayward Gallery’s lecture hall to perform a concert version of The Voyage.

Charlotte and I arrived with Joseph Pott‘s video of the production, laurels for all and some costume. The idea was to play through the piece attempting to synch live sound to pre-recorded video as much as possible. The first movement was slower live, so strategic micro pauses of the video allowed me to maintain reasonable synch. Dan Watson the conductor used a few rehearsals synch with his video self a key start moments. The final section was faster live so Dan held the final moment to ensure closing synch.

An interview followed in which Kevin Le Gendre quizzed us intelligently and sensitively about aspects of the show.

The piece was then played again, possibly for a final time. On my suggestion we didn’t run the video on this occasion do people could fully concentrate of the fantastic music and it’s wonderful performance.

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