Women and Children in Prison

It is now approximately a decade since the idea for Of All The People In All The World started forming in my mind. Around that time I had been reading about the relative numbers of men and women in jail, how the offenses for which they are jailed are markedly different and the fate of children with mothers in jail. This was therefore the story which prompted me to think that many piles of rice comparing related sociological facts would make a more interesting show than a single huge pile of rice simply representing everyone in the country. For this reason it was arresting to see The Independent running this same prison story on its front page. I am due to lead on a big version of the show in Australia early next year. In recent years other members of the team have led more often than me, so I am anxious to get my head back into statistics and keen to feed Stat Centre some more. It will be interesting to reflect on who much or little has changed in the course of a decade.

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