Tokyo Workshop

If anyone knows anyone in Tokyo who fancies attending a week long devising workshop with a ‘respected’ British theatre director send them here. I am intrigued as to who / if anyone, will sign up, but I’ve got some good stuff planned if they do.

3 thoughts on “Tokyo Workshop

  1. Great! Be sure to check out that little fish place where we chatted with the boss. Got a nasty feeling they were right in line for Tsnami and Fukushima grief.

  2. Yes, as soon as I heard the geography of Fukushima & Tokyo I thought of that fishing town and all his family and friends there – his mum cooking that fish for three days or whatever it was so you could eat the skull. As I write that it sounds implausible but I’m sure we did eat the skull. I’ll visit and report back (may need to check back over photos to get name).

  3. Good news! The restaurant is still there. I spoke with the owner who thanked you/us for our concern. He said one of the FOUR fish markets in his home town was destroyed, but by the earthquake not the Tsunami. Apparently the shape of the coast there (south of Tokyo) meant that the were shielded from the main wave and just got at 30cm surge).

    The food is still amazing (in fact I may risk asserting that this is my new Favourite Restaurant in the World). I have been there twice in three days and am assessing if it would be outrageous to go there at least once more before coming home. On a previous blog post my top five places to eat were: Cafe Soya (Birmingham), Monster Mash (Edinburgh), Plaza (Birmingham), Fish and Chip hut (Vancouver), Lombardy’s (New York). I think Plaza is out since they re-decorated (no flock wall paper no JY) and this place is in (I have no idea what it’s called but know exactly where it is). Cafe Soya are wobbling due to poor service on my last two visits. There could be a vacancy opening up on Yarker’s to five any complimentary meal offers could grease the wheels…

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