Moshi Moshi from Tokyo

My Japanese language lessons are coming on well. There are my more formal lessons, in which two minutes before the workshop starts Lisa, my amazing translator (who tells my jokes better than I do), gives me a few useful phrases for things like “stand up”, “sit down”, “once more please” and the informal lessons are after hours, less pragmatic but more fun. Tonight included: ‘kakkoii’ which is my favourite spelling and means roughly ‘so cool’; ‘heeeee’ (my spelling) which means ‘I have respect for you’, ‘amazing’, ‘I disagree but am saying that I agree’; and ‘moshi moshi’ which means ‘hello’ (but should only be used when answering the phone). I love ‘moshi moshi’ and love it most of all in this (above) film by Showta Mori, which makes me laugh out loud. Thank you to Kiguchi San for the tip-off.

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