Tango in Tokyo

Tango from SlightStruggle on Vimeo.

In yesterday’s workshop we started doing a piece of work that came to reminded me of Tango, an Oscar winning short by Polish animator Zbigniew Rybczynski. Unfortunately yesterday I couldn’t recall it was called Tango, or that it was by Rybczynski, or he was Polish or that it won an Oscar. I did however remember that it was ripped off by / inspired an advertisement for a washing machine. This eventually delivered the search engine code words and here it is (above). The workshop participants seemed to like it a lot – who wouldn’t, it’s wonderful. One of the things I love about it is that for a time it appears to obey enough of the laws of space and time to allow you to imagine recreating it live then, beyond a certain point, it breaks those rules and becomes something that could clearly never be performed live. The exciting this is that I have never managed to define where that point is. Maybe you should watch it and see what you think. It is also worth reading this tragi-comic story of Rybczynski’s Oscar night; true or not it is a good story. The larger story ends happily as he went on to make loads of music videos, including this one for The Art of Noise and used that as a springboard to bigger things.

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