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The guy I sat next to on the first leg of the flight out spoke of flying as a limbo zone that makes people emotionally vulnerable. He was a nice chap but on this I’m not sure I agreed with him, anyway he recommended the film Searching For Sugarman which he had just watched and we parted. Dutifully I watched it on the return journey and – never mind limbo zone – it’s a really moving film. I’m sure being on a plane STOPPED me blubbingI A member of cabin crew was approaching to tidy away trays, one has to retain some measure of decorum.

On the second leg of the flight I took Jake’s recommendation and watched Moonrise Kingdom which I also enjoyed very much. I made me want to return to Rushmore, which I recall loving, and check which wins out. They were to very distinctive films but looking around the plane it was generally quite difficult to distinguish between films.

The airline said we could use wireless but one great things
about being on a plane is the limbo zone, so I resisted and instead revelled in ‘at seat power’ with my laptop under my chin as the guy in front reclined his seat to the max before starting to snore. Isn’t Emirates the Snoring Free carrier – or is that Cathy Pacific?

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