Open and Out

That’s it, the show’s open. It has been a genteel day, I walked to work the long way round in order to see something of the city and pay my respects to the WACA. The show had about 200 people through, our sense is that it will build and build, week days will be much more busy with people on their way in and out of work. The show looks good, there are some good stats out and good combinations of stats. Responses have been good and we’ve had some thoughtful public suggestions for statistics which the team will follow up. As for me, I’m off for home at 02:30 tomorrow morning. It’s about time, I sense everyone is losing patience with how amusing I find the fact that here filp-flops are called thongs (I’m sure Gareth my replacement will be more grown up). It is a spectacular farewell, Les Commandos Percu let off a vast amount of fireworks beside the river.

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