If you get to see the next edition of OK! Magazine turn to the section containing photographs of celebrities arriving at the Private Viewing of the V&A’s Bowie Is exhibition and you find the shot of Noel Gallagher and partner. There heavily cropped out in the background may be my arm or Ana’s head.

We were there because our rice lightbox Everyone Born In The United Kingdom was commissioned for the exhibition. Noel Gallagher was there because his is Noel Gallagher.

The queue even for the Private View seemed to stretch half way round the block and once inside entry to the exhibition was still on a timed basis, so it was hardly an exclusive gathering but we had a fun time swanning around the V&A amidst the beautiful/beautifully dressed people nibbling genetically shrunk meals in canape form and sipping the high life. We were a little anxious entering the exhibition as we hadn’t seen our piece in its full assembled form but it looked fine. I used a thumb nail to remove the accent on Cafe in our credit plaque and we got on with browsing Bowie memorabilia. People asked if he was going to be there, the answer was clearly no, if he wanted to see any of this stuff he could have nipped up to his loft any time he fancied, why would he travel to London to see it.

The coup of the night was on approaching the cloakroom to reclaim by bag the young woman on duty there asked “Is your name James, from Stan’s Cafe?”.
Me – Yes! How the hell did you know that?
Her – I’ve got a very good memory for names and faces.
Man Next To Me – Can I pick up this bag for my friend?
Her – Of course, what’s your name?
Man Next To Me – Holly Johnson.

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