Getting Better


The Commentators were much better on Sunday than they were on Saturday. After that first day we reflected on what went well and what could have gone better. As each outing for The Commentators is a new setting we have to answer the question as to how it works in that setting. Sometimes that can be established in advance; at the BE Festival we made a plan and executed it. Sometimes we have to learn from experience.

At the Folk Festival the first day informed the second. We decided we needed to spend a lot more time out and about with the roving microphone to get into the detail of the festival activity as options were too limited from our brilliant gantry position. The security guards asked for a ‘shout out’ so this helped us recognise that many people enjoyed hearing themselves being commentated on, so we determined to do more of that. We remembered enjoying the elements where the sporting lens was held up to the event and when fictions/speculations were conjured up and allowed to run. We resolved to do more of these.

Sunday started with a high energy and didn’t let up much for the full eight hours, much better. Fun to do and encouraging enough to suggest we look for more outings in similar settings.

To Gerv and Carl – who program the festival – in the words of failed candidates on The Apprentice “thank you for the opportunity”.

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  1. A captivating enhancement to any festival. And the added pleasure of listening again on SoundCloud; can we have some more clips please? We all need a bit of audio description to life.

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