Rowley Park Adventures


Today we set the game staff of Rowley Park Primary Academy on a City Adventure. Craig and I had a fun time exploring Stafford properly for the first time. We turned up a number of great places to send people and even managed to conceive a couple of new challenges.

The town’s indoor market rented us a stall was great fun. Having a cafe and sweet stall behind us and a baker’s oven directly in front of us I could imagine putting on a lot of weight if this was a permanent arrangement. Fortunately it was for one morning and we weren’t selling anything, just inviting school staff to create a Fruit and Veg City challenge.

The school treated us to a fish’n’chip lunch and we had fun sifting through their great creative output. We had fun and look forward to doing some more fun activities with the school as it develops (this was only its second day in its new identity).

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