Help Cardinals Pack


The Cardinals are off on a big tour in the New Year. Their first stop off is in New York City in early January. This means putting the set, props and costumes in a shipping container in December. They don’t have much time to rehearse once Stateside and so they are re-rehearsing now and on THURSDAY they are putting on a special limbering up performance for the company’s nearest and dearest (like the good readers of this blog). So if you fancy coming along and seeing the show again or for the first time you are very welcome and you are also welcome to bring anyone else you think may like it. Tickets are just £5. The bar will be open. We have a new heater for @ A E Harris, so it should be fun and almost snug and we’d love to see you.

The tour is very exciting but it’s combination of sea freight and air freight is quite taxing, especially on Craig who is trying to itemize every single object we are taking along with their weight, value and combined dimensions. Charlotte has been equally taxed juggling flights and freight timings and contracts and negotiations of how these costs are spread across seven venues/festivals on two continents.

It will be a relief when all that’s left to do is perform the show.

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