Cardinals Tour Dates


We have had to wait before announcing all the touring dates for The Cardinals in the New Year because all the different festivals and venues announce their seasons at different times, but at last it can all be made public.

The Cardinals will first land in New York, where we return to the great Under The Radar Festival at The Public Theatre. From there we have our first trip to Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art there. Then we have two university based bookings the first at Purdue University in Lafayette and second at the extraordinary Wexner Center for the Arts at the Ohio State University in Columbus. From there it a short leap to make a happy return to our friends at Habourfront Centre in Toronto.

A brief return to Birmingham allows The Cardinals to swap thermal undies and fur lined boots for speedos and thongs (flip flops) as they go ‘Down Under’ to the prestigious Adelaide Festival and for two bookings in Tasmania at the innovative International Arts Festival there.

These bookings came from performing the show on the fringes of the British Council Showcase, which was a significant financial gamble that has now paid off. Performing at more than one venue in each continent has allowed the fixed costs to be spread and made it possible. We have been helped in this both by prior relationships with promoters (New York and Toronto) and the support of enthusiastic promoters in Columbus and Adelaide who pushed the show to other colleagues in related venues. We are proud of the tour and looking forward to it hugely.

Doing a number of gigs in each continent helps spread the costs.

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