Rowena Wilding

rowena-in-officeAs I mentioned in an earlier post ‘the Charlotte Martin Decade’ has drawn to a close at Stan’s Cafe and there is a cheery new presence at mission control. We no longer have a General Manager; we have a less general Administrator and in April we will be joined by a rather more executive Producer.

So, let me introduce you to Rowena Wilding. Rowena was born and brought up in Chelmesly Wood before studying philosophy at Birmingham and theology at Oxford Unversities. She was a Baptist minister in the North of England for a year before shifting focus and returning to Birmingham. She has worked for Wolverhampton Art Gallery as a fundraiser, administrator for Urban Expression the Christian mission organisation and communications director for Transform West Midlands social enterprise.

For those of you anxious about continuity Charlotte and Rowena had a good period of handover in which it was identified that amongst other similarities they are both Doc Martin devotees. Rowena aspires cool, calm collected, the office’s Ohura but Charlotte has laughingly pointed out there are likely to be many occasions when she feels more like a red faced Scotty “I cannae hold her cap’n, she’s breaking up!”

We gathered a really strong shortlist for the job and Rowena wowed the selction panel at every stage, so we delighted that she has agreed to join our team. As the person who spends the most time in the office we have invited her to make any changes she fancies to the layout. Being away this week in Columbus leaves me thinking I may not recognise things when I get back.

I’m currently awaiting a connection in Chicago and am really looking forward to meeting back up with The Cardinals team.

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