Bring on the Boffins


Buried away deep in this website, visited by none but the most assiduous web crawling bot, is a bibliography. Originally put together a few years ago using slave labour from Warwick University’s Cultural Studies MA program this bibliography is an attempt to locate fleeting mentions of Stan’s Cafe in reputable publications and thus ease the lives of those students looking to back up their opinons by using someone elses’ opinions.

Last week I was in Waterstones and found Jack Trow referred to in the index of Encountering Ensemble for his exploits with Stage 2 youth theatre and subsequently Stan’s Cafe – that’s in the bibliography. Today I’m pleased to have added British Theatre Companies 1995 – 2014 to the Bibliography. There is a hefty chapter in there about Stan’s Cafe written by Marissia Fragkou. In case you can’t get to a university library to read it and are wondering what else this £17.99 book buys you (on-line discount applied), you also get chapters on: Kneehigh, Mind the Gap, Punchdrunk, Suspect Culture and our old friends Blast Theory (I had always though Blast Theory meant the study of blowing things up, it was only recently I discovered it is a quote and refers to the damning of theory – I like the name even more now I know that).

So you may ask “when is a Stan’s Cafe monograph coming out?” well if you open the curtains, look out onto the back garden, right at the bottom you will see the shed bulging and contracting, steaming and shaking. If you open the window you’ll hear crashings and bangings. We’re locked in there with Roobarb at this very minute working away on that very thing.

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