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Today we had to visit Stratford-on-Avon in the rain for a photoshoot and this gave us an opportunity to visit a new friend.

Through the last year we have been working with Year 5 at Billeley Primary School on the design and and build of a Slot Together Stage. They undertook some research into theatres and drawn up a brief for what they wanted. Having put the job out to tender they looked over the proposals and chose to work with the brilliant architect Yinka Danmole. Yinka came into school and worked with the group who also took on the Royal Shakespeare Company as a client who were keen to hire the theatre for their Stratford-on-Sea season this summer.

The stage was delivered at the end of term just in time for us to write and stage a small show together called Summer Holidays. From the PE Hall at Billesely the structure was deconstructed, transported to Stratford and rebuilt.

Unfortunately today the structure was all closed up due to the rain, but we have photographic evidence of it being used for a musical performance and tales of lots of people having a lot of fun playing around on it.

If the name Slot Together and the dimensions look familiar to you then well done, this stage is the perfect size to stage any of the eight professional productions commissioned by mac birmingham earlier this year for our Slot Together program. Maybe one day the two will combine.

If you fancy making anything for this great little stage it is 8 foot wide and 6 foot deep. The photographs above show it in its proscenium mode, but there is also a thrust stage mode and a set of steps that can be added to the front of the stage, which can be seen in the sketches below – which also show decorative options that the students responded to.


In September Year 5 will become Year 6 and together we will start working on a show much more ambitious than Summer Holiday, which was just about the summer holidays.

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