The Commentators

We’d hesitate to call them ‘the best bits’ or ‘the highlights’ but the excellent Jon Ward plucked a few passage from this weekend’s fourteen hour splurge of commentary on the lovely Moseley Folk Festival and uploaded them onto Sound Cloud, so if you missed them live or heard them and want to re-live them then click above for: Jenga on the radi, someone buying sunglasses, people walking in through an Out gate and someone being menaced by a wasp Etc.

We are intrigued by Sports Desk, which has been booked as part of the forthcoming Birmingham Weekender event. Is this competition for The Commentators? Who knows, we will have to wait until the end of September to find out.

At the same event we are helping our friends the composer Michael Wolters and Birmingham Contemporary Music Group stage a number of performances of Michael’s new composition Requiem. He has written it to be performed in empty shop units and the performances will be called Requiem To Let. The location of the performances is as yet a closely guarded secret – you can judge for yourselves if this is code for ‘the venue has yet to be sorted out’.

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