The Countryside


In 1995 we performed Voodoo City at Prema Arts Centre, it was only driving away afterwards that I started to consider what a ridiculous event it was. We were importing a lump of urban angst to a beautiful Gloucestershire village. Desecrating their idyll with a vision of towerblocks, concrete and ring-roads. Beside this we’ve always enjoyed our visits to Prema and Dartington and other rural venues but the uncomfortable memory of that Voodoo City clash has probably fed into our caution about performing in the countryside.

Getting dew on the feet isn’t a familiar Stan’s Cafe experience but all that is about to change in July when we perform The Camp somewhere in Shropshire. The unfamiliarity of performing outside in an incontrovertibly beautiful landscape had been starting to freak me out until, out on a run this Saturday in Summerfield Park I spotted a sight that was very similar to a sight I had seen our running the previous Saturday in the lanes of Somerset. Maybe the two landscapes aren’t so different after all.


Coming in late July for 48 hours only: The Camp.

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