Love Thy Neighbour


Presumably the licence plates led to the hire firm and the hire firm pointed to the address and so, within hours, armed police were swarming into a flat and by the morning national news journalists and their dish topped TV trucks had formed a secondary cordon around uniformed officers. The 128 bus edged its way past. A tendril of national news has reached out to us. Its spotlights are set up on our pavements.

How sad the circumstance. How cowardly the action. How banal the imagination. How tragic the trade. We are sewn together.

When The Pope visited The Oratory less than 100m away this same pavement was packed with happy cheering crowds.

Close by a victim of terrorism and Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai received her education.

Closer by still nine of the world’s most powerful men sat down to dinner in 1998.

Practically close enough to cast their late evening shadows on this same pavement stand the brick and mortar models for Tolkein’s two mythic towers.

Within spitting distance, through another squashed door up another flight of stairs Chut the Tailor made Andy’s bespoke presidential suit for Lurid and Insane.

The psychogeography of this locale has grown deeper, the pavements gained another, darker, unwanted patina. Remember ‘Love your neighbour’.

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