Open Space 2023: Notes

Thanks to everyone who attended the Open Space gathering at Our Facility on 5th June. We are pleased to be able to share notes from the discussions that took place across the day. They are all available via this link here.

It was wonderful to host such an energised and positive group of people all seeking ways to support each other building an open and thriving culture of live perfromance in the West Midlands. There were freelance artists, people representing unfunded and funded companies large and small as well as venues and Arts Council England. The overwhelming feel to the day was that people had missed being with each other, sharing with each other, listening to each other and supporting each other. More detals can be found in the notes – remember the link

Thanks To: Jade Samuels for opening the space, China Plate for co-hosting/co-coordinating, Nick Sweeting for advising on the whole Open Space Technology, Jess and Megan from BCU’s Applied Theatre course for most of the posters. It was fun, it was good, let’s do it again some time.

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