Micro Production #4: Recruiting

In November 2021 we made three short shows in three weeks with a host of new collaborators. These were Micro Productions #1 – 3. They were intended as a training/development opportunity for artists unfamiliar or inexperienced with devising. It was also a chance for Stan’s Cafe to meet some new people and work in some new spaces trying out some new ideas, all outside the pressure of making a major new show.

It was a great experience – #1 Precious Emily developed into our Birmingham Festival 2022 piece of the same name. #2 All Our Money expanded, toured Birmingham in early 2023 and is expected to have a further life. #3 C90 Qawwali: Emperor In Birmingham has not yet been worked on further, but has never left our thoughts.

We gave significant further work to four of the ten actors we met for the first time and two of the three assistant directors. We have kept in touch and helped out a number of the other participants.

So what? We’re going to try and repeat the trick – in a more modest way. We are recruiting for Micro Production #4: Can You Read Me? This involves a hunt for three new actors, one sound designer / musician and one assistant director. We are partnering with the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton and so are particularly keen to receive applications from people living in that area. We will be working 11 – 16 September 2023. Full details on how to apply can be found here.

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