Back at Greenbelt

We’re delighted to be able to announce Stan’s Cafe are returning to Greenbelt – the festival of ‘Artistry, Activism and Belief’ – with our smash hit local authority budget show All Our Money. We will be there on 26th August.

My first introduction to Greenbelt was as a Christian festival. When they booked Of All The People In All The World (in 2009) I was surprised but it made sense, the show is not religious but it has a compassion for humanity that aligns with the Christian principle to “love your neighbour as yourself”. They hosted the show in a marquee and it was very well received, the setting worked perfectly.

Three years later (in 2012) we were invited to take The Cardinals to the festival. This quasi-puppet show within a show, in which three cardinals tell the history of the world through their christian lense, while supported and gently contested by a muslim stage-manager felt like a good fit with the festival. Our only concern was that it wouldn’t be interpreted as disrespectful / blasphemous. In the event we needn’t have worried, the audience were tuned in perfectly.

Your show was one of the first things I saw at Greenbelt and remained a highlight – and there was plenty of competition from lots of other things on the programme. Immensely clever and thought-provoking with some great iconic imagery. Goodness knows how you ever came up with the idea!

Greenbelt Audience Comment

I agree with the above comment. The show was the first thing I saw at the festival and has really stuck in my mind. I need to see it again as there was so much to take in and process. Humorous, poignant, devastating, thought provoking, beautifully crafted visuals and acting – brilliant, thank you!

Greenbelt Audience Comment

Now, more than a decade on, we are back and it is clear that Greenbelt is now very far from the ‘Christian Festival’ I had first believed it to be. This is the festival’s 50th anniversary year and the programme covers a range of art forms, it displays a strong interest in social engagement and mixes people coming from a wide range of religious perspectives. A show about how over a people come together to contribute financially to a shared pot to organise services for their mutual benefit appears to fit in nicely.

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