The Missing Bio

Two fatigued commentators sat at a table

It has been brought to our attention that a long term collaborator and vital componant of our current touring team has been left out of the programme notes and biographies. We apologies and rectify this inexcusable omission here.

The Table had no training at all. No experience of drama school. It was plucked from the obscurity of a second hand office furniture store on the Stratford Road and expected to perform. Day Two of rehearsals and it was already buckling, totally unprepared for be jumped on, pushed, pulled and thrashed in a frenzied recreation of Impact Theatre’s iconic show The Carrier Frequency. The Table was sent to Captain Anderson for a bit of bodybuilding. Discreet additional braces were welded to the table’s legs and it has been ready for anything ever since.

Having survived the rigours of its physical theatre workout in 1999 The Table returned in a new millennium to rotate slowly at the centre of Good And True’s ludicrous interrogation.

For almost a decade The Table found stage work difficult to come by and had to content itself working behind the scenes. Then, in 2009, a breakthrough. A table was required to supporting snacks and notepads for The Commentators in their debut performance 24 Hour Scalextric.

Twilightofthefreakingods (2013) brought The Table a minor role as the speaking clock station. It was finally back to centre stage in Time Critical (original production and regional tour 2016-17) – this included a nostalgic moment for The Table as it was stood on once again in a recreation of a moment from the recreation of The Carrier Frequency.

The Table was proud to play a role educating audience about local authority budgets by supporting all the golden dominoes in All Our Money (2021 & 2023). It stretched its range by playing a range of tables from the English Civil Wars in Billesley Primary School’s production (No such thing as a) Civil War.

The Table is now delighted be joining such a talented cast for Community Service and looks forward to the challenge of playing multiple roles including, a living room table, police desk, a bar, a bed, a wall, a front door, half a car, half a mini-bus, a barbecue and a riot shield – it is expecting to find the quick changes challenging.

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